The Goyetche Family Genealogy

Photo Gallery 2005 - 2009

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Darryl, Suzanne, Chris & Susan Goyetche of Cochrane, AB (2007)
Chris, Susan, Darryl & Suzanne
Darlene Goyetche of Montreal, QC; Jackie Goyetche of Deux Montagnes, QC; Brenda Goyetche of Calgary, AB; Myrna Goyetche of Deux Montagnes, QC and Lynn Goyetche of Montreal, QC (2007)
Darlene, Jackie, Brenda, Myrna & Lynn
Kevin Goyetche of Montreal, QC; Stewart Cartman of Montreal, QC; Bernie Goyetche of Deux Montagnes, QC; and David Goyetche of Montreal, QC (2007)
Kevin, Stewart, Bernie & David
Andrew & Carol (Goyetche) Koomans of Trenton, ON with son Matthew (2007)
Carol, Andrew & Matthew
Phil & Laurie Goyetche of Broadview Heights, OH (2007)
Phil & Laurie
Alex Neve & Patricia Goyeche of Ottawa, ON with children Brennan, Sean-Daniel & Selina (2007)
Alex, Patricia & Family
Corinne (Goyetche) Baker of West Bay, NS with her friend Cindy. The photo was taken at the acquarium at Coffs Harbour, Australia where Corinne served as a volunteer. (2007)
Corinne & Cindy
Janine, Sarah & Corinne, daughters of Brian & Christina Goyetche of West Bay, NS (2008)
Janine, Sarah & Corinne
Chris Goyetche of the Calgary Police Service with General Rick Hillier, Chief of the Defence Staff of Canada (Ret.) (2008)
Chris & Gen. Rick Hillier
Mark Goyetche of Summerside, PEI with son Xander Thomas (2008)
Mark & Xander
Wesley & Kate Hardin of Kilgore, TX with children William & Paige. Kate is a great granddaughter of Marie Marthe (Goyetche) Pond (2008)
Kate, Wesley, William & Paige
Mike & Angela Goyetche of Orleans, ON with daughter Charlotte (2008)
Mike, Angela & Charlotte
Glen Goyetche & sister Janet (Goyetche) Landry of Halifax, NS (2008)
Glen & Janet
Brian & Lori (Goyetche) Fancy of Halifax, NS with daughter Brea Marie (2008)
Brian, Lori & Brea
Susan Goyetche of Cochrane, AB with daughter Emma (2008)
Susan & Emma
Arthur Raymond Goyetche of West Bay, NS (2009)
Arthur Raymond
Tracey (Goyetche) Kirkpatrick of Cayce, SC, son Caleb and Mark Keane (2009)
Tracey, Caleb & Mark
Ronnie & Denise Goyetche of Halifax, NS with daughters Lori & Amy (2006)
Ron, Denise, Lori & Amy
Chelsea & Curtis, daughter and son of Alcide & Karen Goyetche of Spruce Grove, AB (2006)
Chelsea & Curtis
Alison (Goyetche) King of Galt, ON, Jennifer (Goyetche) Schiller of Fort Mill, SC & Mary (Goyetche) Tzianas of Kitchener, ON, daughters of Gerald and Lynda Goyetche of Kitchener, ON (2006)
Alison, Jennifer & Mary
Stephen Goyeche of Toronto, ON with his mother Juliette and wife Ann (2006)
Juliette, Stephen & Ann
Dalton & Dakota, son and daughter of Wayne & Kimberly Goyetche of Frankford, ON (2006)
Dalton & Dakota
Paul & Coleen (Goyetche) Boudreau of Petit de Grat, NS with daughters Amy & Adelle (2006)
Paul, Colleen, Amy & Adelle
Phil and Laurie Goyetche of Broadview Heights, OH with son Zack (2006)
Laurie, Zack & Phil
Vincent & Larry Goyetche of Trenton, ON (2006)
Vincent & Larry
Colleen (Goyetche) Boudreau & brother James Goyetche of Petit de Grat, NS (2007)
Colleen & James
Standing (l to r) Thomas Goyetche; John Allan Goyetche; Nelson Goyetche; James Goyetche; Nathan Landry; Mark Goyetche; Theresa McNamara & Scott Goyetche. Kneeling (l to r) Glen Goyetche; Wayne Goyetche & Darren Goyetche (2007)
Team Goyetche
Glen Goyetche; Ann Marie Goyetche; Coleen (Goyetche) Boudreau; Darren Goyetche; Vernon Goyetche; James Goyetche; Janet (Goyetche) Landry; Henry Goyetche and Darryl Goyetche (2007)
Goyetche Cousins
Donald Goyetche of Petit de Grat, NS & Suzanne Goyetche of Cochrane, AB (2007)
Donald & Suzanne
Henry Goyetche of Everett, MA, Janet (Goyetche) Landry of Hammonds Plains, NS & James Goyetche of Petit de Grat, NS (2007)
Henry, Janet & James
Wayne Goyetche of Frankford, ON with daughter Dakota (2007)
Wayne & Dakota
Alan & Norma (Goyetche) Munroe of Gloucester, MA with sons David & Alan Jr. and daughter Lisa (2007)
David, Lisa, Norma, Alan & Alan Jr.
Marie-Helen Goyetche of Montreal, QC & cousin Brenda Goyetche Spénard of Calgary, AB (2007)
Marie-Helen & Brenda
Kevin Goyetche of Montreal, QC with his mother Darlene, grandmother Noreen, and son Liam (2006)
Noreen, Darlene, Kevin & Liam
Anita (Goyetche) Fougere of Petit de Grat, NS & brother Henry Goyetche of Everett, MA (2007)
Anita & Henry
Wayne & Marie Goyetche of D'Escousse, NS with sons Scott & Nelson (2008)
Wayne, Marie, Scott & Nelson
Ken Goyetche of Halifax, NS, with grandchildren Kalieigh & Colby (2005)
Ken, Kalieigh & Colby
Paul Goyetche & The Flashbacks of Halifax, NS (2005)
Paul & The Flashbacks
BJ & Lori (Goyetche) Fancy of Halifax, NS (2005)
Lori & BJ
Robert and Matilda Goyetche of D'Escousse, NS (2005)
Robert & Matilda
Alcide & Karen Goyetche of Spruce Grove, AB with John & Connie (Goyetche) Brushett of Halifax, NS (2005)
Alcide, Karen, Connie & John
Jack Goyetche of Cape Auget, NS with daughter Wilda and son Todd (2005)
Wilda, Jack & Todd
Dave Goyetche of Dartmouth, NS with "Ricky" and "Julian" from the TV series Trailer Park Boys (2005)
Dave, "Ricky" & "Julian"
Henry Goyetche of Everett, MA with son Tom, daughter Pam & grandchildren Stephen, Jennifer & Michael (2005)
Henry, Thomas, Pam & Family
David Goyetche of Deux Montagnes, QC with his cousin Christine Rooney and Don Cherry & Ron MacLean of Hockey Night in Canada (2005)
David & Christine
Ray Goyetche of Massey, ON; Joe Goyetche of Bathurst, NB; David Goyetche of Arichat, NS; Jamie Goyetche of Massey, ON; & Mike Goyetche of Ottawa, ON (2005)
Ray, Joe, David, Jamie & Mike
Mike & Angela Goyetche of Ottawa, ON (2005)
Mike & Angela
Florence (Goyetche) and Bob Benson of Chelsea, MA (2005)
Florence & Bob
Canadian Forces Medical Technician Daphne Goyetche in Kandahar, Afghanistan, daughter of Kenneth & Barb Goyetche of Halifax, NS (2007)